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Access Control System, Smart Hotel Locks, Tuya Smart Lock Solution

JK Tech CO., LTD (JKEY) has been manufacturing commodity and offering OEM services on access control solutions for airbnb, hospitality, accommodations and apartments since 2005 in China, including hotel locks, biometric residential locks, keycard locks levers, handle sets, electronic keycard locks mortise, keycard locks cylinders, energy saving switches, access readers, door access controllers, hotel key card encoder, RFID key cards and relative keycard locks accessories hardware, in the meanwhile we developed locking management software with SDK(software development kit) for interfacing PMS(property management system) and smartphone App. Our products market has covered countries in South America, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia etc.

Now with 10% of annual sales turnover investing into research and development of smart residential lock , RFID key card locks and access control system, they become more and more stable and multi-functional. We are able to solve customers’ problems and meet their need as much as possible. As everything we experienced during progress has led to one simple conclusion which is "smart access control is the best security".

Furthermore, we are extending our business to LED lighting luminaire and try to expand product international market share step by step. JK Tech CO., LTD. is ready to put the greatest effort into high level smart locks and access control solution market. Curently wireless connection locks like Wifi/Zigbee smart office lock, bluetooth locks (BLE smart locks) are our main target field. That means both conventional RFID card and Smart Mobile phone can be used to open the lock. Especially under the current special situation of COVID-19 pandemic, adopting our UV-C sterilizing lamp, BLE smart card lock and Tuya Zigbee/Wifi smart lock are capable of providing clean air sterilization device and contactless unlocking solution, which offers safer and faster access experience for project administrators and aparment users / guests. Welcome to join us to develop those territory of smart lighting, smart access control, Bluetooth locks (Bluetooth Low Energy "BLE" locking solution) and other relevant markets together.

We will keep improving current models of access control and relative electronic locks products for greater durability, functionality and usability.Learn about some of our highlighted access control products here.

Brand-new elegant smart RFID card lock and desktop UV-C disinfection sterilizing lamp to eliminate Influenza and Covid-19 virus are launched!

X30F SUS304 37mm width panel fingerprint lock
super slim panel SUS304 residential lock X1