jk tech

locking system key card reader and writer

pnp key card writer reader encoder

  • Net Weight:328gram (excluding USB cable),Gross Weight:440gram;
  • Size:10cm*8cm*3.4cm
  • Connection: USB 2.0 type Bkey card encoder USB type B
  • This is a required item for whole electronic lock(hotel lock) management system. It is able to cut key cards including Install Card/Installation Card, Clock Card, Area Card, Building Card, Gate Card, Floor Card, Emergency card, Master Card, Spare Card, Data Card(to retrieve door lock information or door lock record), Check-out Card, Meeting Card, Stop Card, Report Loss Card, Visitor Card, Power Card(only to gain power from energy saving switch but cannot open door lock or access compatible with winXP 32bit, win7 32bit/64bit, win8 32bit/64bit, win10 32bit/64bit operation system and Authorised Card/Authorized Card;
  • be able to read the card's information that issue from JKtech locking management system like card type, door lock type, valid time,etc;
  • be able to read the record(audit trail) from key cards or Special Data Access Card sets;
  • be able to read and write the card format of mifare 1 S50 13.56 Mhz card(ISO14443A mifare Classic Card S50 RFID Cards/FM1108 1k S50 RFID Card compatiable ) and mifare S70 13.56 Mhz card(MIFARE CLASSIC 4K S70 card).Adaptive card reading frequency: 13MHz - 14Mhz(different key cards have different card mifare chip has different frequency dithering);
  • ABS shell with metal base which is durable for long time usage;
  • This key card encoder is compatible with locking management system;
  • gross weight:0.44kg (including USB cable);