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illustration of keyed alike/keyed different/master key cylinder

Keyed alike(KA) different(KD) masterKey(MK) door lock cylinder
  • KD (Keyed Different) door lock cylinder:The cylinder of each electronic lock will be only unlocked with its individual keys. Two keys or three keys are included with each door lock cylinder.

  • KA (Keyed Alike) door lock cylinder:The cylinder of all electronic locks are identical and able to be unlocked by the same key. Our factory can offer extra keys when customer specify for more.

  • MK (master key cylinder system): Each electronic lock is keyed different and operated with its individual key. Moreover, all locks are able to be operated with a special master key.

  • JK Tech will provide and customize a variety of items including Master Keys, Security Key hole Covers, strike plates, strike box, batteries house,fixing xcrews and other Lock spare parts as well.

Pros and Cons among key alike, key different and master key system door lock

Keyed to differ, keyed alike and master keying are all basic terms used by locksmiths, but what do they mean and what is the difference between the three?When you rent a house or an apartment, it doesn’t always mean that you are the only one with keys. It is important to consider there could be other keys around so updating the locks may be necessary to secure your families and belongings.

What does keyed different/keyed to differ mean and its application?:Keyed different means each lock has its own key. We cannot use the same key to open a different lock. Imagine that as your front door can be unlocked by your key, but the same key can’t unlock the neighbor’s.

What does keyed alike mean and its benefit and disadvantage?:Generally speaking, keyed alike means the locks have the same cylinder cut so that any one key with that cut can fit all the locks. Normally It is very convenient for the hotel, school dormitory or apartment administrator to manage the rooms if there is something emergency happening in one room and he doesn’t want to carry keys weighing ‘a ton’ and walk to destination.

  • The main advantages:
    1. Saves time without having to carry a set of keys around for every lock in the house/hotel/office/apartment building;
    2. Save money only need to buy one key, even if there are multiple locks.no need to have multiple keys for your site;
    3. If you lose your keys you will only need to get one replacement key. This is the reason why most businesses, offices and residential homes will use "keyed alike locks" as it is more convenient;
  • Disadvantages:keyed alike your door locks may reduce the security of your property if you lost the keys;

How to understand master key system?:Similar to keyed alike locks, the master key system uses unique key to open more than one lock. Unlike keyed alike locks, having a master key system in your home (or work place) can mean restricted access to certain door. For instance you have a study, bedroom, garage, cabinet, front doors and backdoor and you want to use the same key for all of them but you don’t want your baby-sitter to access your study room, bedroom or the cabinet. By implementing a master key system, you can restrict access to these areas so that their key will only work in the locks that you want them to have access right.This master key system is perfect for a work or office environment as well. By minimizing the number of keys that you have, you can save valuable time and rest assuring that your privacy is secured through a systematized and controllable locking system;