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Radar sensor LED ceiling light

Description of radar motion sensor LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is a luminaire whose base is flat and can be installed complete against the flat ceiling of a house. Our LED ceiling light is aslo embedded Wifi/Zigbee/bluetooth module into LED chips control PCB. So user can adjust correlated color temperature(CCT) and brightness (dimmable) and set different usage profile by smartphone App. We choose good quality LED chips and good LED driver, the full performance working time can be upto 30000 hours(50000 hours life span).Therefore,this LED light is very suitable for the ceiling of corridor, school, hotel hall, restaurant, and common resident house,where the storey height is about 3-5 meters and it requires high brightness illumination but also energy saving.

In addition, Doppler effect principle(referring to the explaination of Wikipedia) is applied on this lamp. It is equipped with radar motion sensor to detect human's movement. When people approach,light turns on; When people leave away, light turns off automatically).

Finally, Our radar sensor LED ceiling light is allowed App to set daily / weekly / yearly schedule and lighting mode and makes your life easier and comfortable.

Appearance and measurement

size of size of RAVOLB series radar sensor led ceiling light


optional size of RAVOLB series radar sensor led ceiling light


optional size of RAVOLB series radar sensor led ceiling light


Features of radar sensor LED ceiling light

  • Ingress protection level:IP54;
  • LED ceiling Lighting fixture protection level:IK10;
  • LED ceiling Lighting fixture material: high quality PC (can resist static pressure upto 40KGS);
  • Size of LED ceiling lighting fixture:Optional diameter:250mm/300mm/380mm,thickness:62mm;
  • color temperature(CCT) and brightness is adjustable;
  • Radar motion sensor is equipped to detect human's movement;
  • Zigbee/Bluetooth/WiFi, Wireless smart remote control,different application profile settings can be done in App;
  • Easy to do installation and maintenance.
CCT adjustable radar sensor led ceiling light

CCT 3000K/4000k/5000k adjustable

Doppler microwave motion radar sensor led ceiling light to detect people or object's movement

Doppler microwave motion sensor to detect people's movement

microwave motion radar sensor led ceiling light is easy to install

Easy for people to install microwave sensor LED ceiling light

specification of radar sensor LED ceiling light

Rated power: 12 Watt 18 Watt 25 Watt
Input voltage:
Dimension of lighting fixture:
about 9.8inches
about 11.8inches
about 15.0inches
Material of lighting fixture:
base:Aluminum, cover:PC(can resist static pressure force upto 40KG)
Motin sensor dectection distance:
Doppler microwave sensor 8 meters in 140° MAX
Luminous flux:
MAX 1200 lumen
MAX 1800 lumen
MAX 2500 lumen
Color render index(CRI):
Render average value(Ra)>80
Render average value(Ra)>80
Render average value(Ra)>80
Correlated color temperature(CCT):
3000K/4000K/5000K adjustable
3000K/4000K/5000K adjustable
3000K/4000K/5000K adjustable
Dimmable solutions:
TRIAC(triode for alternating current) dimmable
IoT connection way(control by smartphone App):
Zigbee, Wifi direct, bluetooth
Smartphone app platform:
Android and IOS
Application field of ceiling light:
flat ceiling of restaurant halls, corridors, apartments, office halls, living rooms of houses,etc

Video demo of smart radar sensor LED ceiling light

Application of smart radar sensor LED ceiling light

application of microwave radar motion sensor led ceiling light