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key card lock installation guideline

n3 lock hardware installation guideline

  • 1.To check the front panel and back panel scheme and confirm if it can cover the old cutting hole of the door;
  • 2.To check the back set of the door lock mortise(lockset) and confirm if it works fine or not;
  • 3.To confirm the door opening direction (must use the lock mortise of correct opening direction) ; Type A on illustration is left handed opening; Type B on illustration is right handed opening;
  • 4.Hole making: There are some holes required cutting including hole for mortise, hole for door lock panel, fixing screw hole for panel and hole for strike box(back box). The distance between the central line (baseline of handle lever) and the ground is suggested to be 1 meter. The central line of handle,mortise and strike plate sholid be coincided with each other.And then put the hole cutting template on the door or door frame to cut a suitable hole. If there is any offset on the holes, please adjust them to achieve a successfli installation for the door lock and mortise;
  • 5.Mortise installation: to fix the mortise into door with two tapping screws and then fix the face plate on to mortise with 3 screws. Worker sholid ensure the mortise is horizontal with the door plate;
  • 6.Lock panel installation: to fix the cylinder onto the mortise;to insert the handle lever spindle into front panel lever and back panel lever respectively; to fix the back panel onto front front panel with panel fixing screw;
  • 7.To fix the strike box and strike plate with tapping screw into the door frame. The hole for strike plate and strike box sholid match with the latches’ position.If there is any offset please adjust the hole’s size or the position of the strike box until all of them are fit in.