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smart lock with facial recognition

Many other suppliers are promoting their smart apartment lock by boasting their features day and day. For example, the smart residential / office lock with facial recognition is quite hit recently.

    Those suppliers say the lock’s camera can recognize the people’s face in very few seconds, the lock can store hundreds of thousands of users’ photos, and emphasize such lock consumes just small energy so the batteries life can last for long time.

    In fact, however, because the facial state of human is not so stable. A person’s face is dynamic. His eyes, mouth, nose are always moving, the distance between two eye pupil are also changing accordingly. If someone wears a mask or does some makeup, the whole facial characteristics of a person will be affected. Further more, light will be another factor to influence the recognition successful rate of smart apartment lock. Therefore, if the ambient light is not in good condition, many smart locks’ face recognition speed is very slow or even cannot recognize people correctly.

smart door lock face recognition camera

smart lock MCU micro control unit chips

If the lock can recognize human face quickly and accurately, it should adopt good algorithm and MCU(Micro-Control Unit, like the CPU of a smart lock) and some smart locks even equip LCD screen. However, it will consume much more energy certainly. So such lock will install at least 8pcs LR6/AA batteries. The battery lifespan of many lock models even like Samsung smart locks brand usually only last for 6-8 months. Replacing old batteries will be so annoying once you find there is no stock at home. In fact after use for some time for those locks, many home won't think the facial recognition function is unnecessary or won't be so helpful for them.

     However, JK Tech smart apartment lock model X330 won’t drift with the tide easily. Firstly we adopt high quality and durable stainless steel as major material on lock body and panel. It is much stronger than Korea Samsung smart lock with ABS plastic shell.Secondly. We use low energy consumption MCU as the brain of the lock.With the super low energy power MCU electronic lock chips that JK Tech chooses and dedicated optimization on embedded program, our lock can sustain for 12-16months long with only 4 pieces of normal AA/LR6 batteries. Users have no need to change batteries so frequently

    Many cheap smart home locks adopt optical fingerprint sensor as its low cost. But optical fingerprint sensor has a fatal defect. Because it recognizes the fingerprint merely by light reflection, the fingerprint is very easy to be collected and cloned or copied from the glass surface of fingerprint sensor.

    With fingerprint recognition, key card unlock and PIN code input via capacitive touch screen key pad, our model X330 smart apartment lock is capable of unlocking by multiple ways. In addition, our door lock can equip low power consumption smart TUYA module, making it contain more powerful function of remote unlocking, remote assigning temporary PIN code, remote freeze temporary PIN code.It is a great helpful for babysitter, guests who require to enter owner’s house in some period.

    Moreover, security is the hardcore index of electronic lock. Some time ago, the so-called “black box”, which uses Tesla wire ring to generate strong electromagnetic interference, hacked many low-quality smart lock and . So our engineers quite focus on the protection of electronic PCB, even the super high electromagnetic interference damaged our PCB, the hacker cannot open our electronic smart lock unless they have the real mechanical key.

    Finally, our lock equips slim and short backset mortise and it can fit for many kinds of door and window which just has narrow frame and cannot locate a tradition door lock. For sure this smart lock will be wise choice for you. Click here to see more detail of smart resident locks series.

smart lock with super slim size