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Tuya Zigbee residential|office lock user guide

The following article is showing you how to use wireless Tuya Zigbee residential|office lock via smart phone.

First thing first, go to IOS Appstore or Google Play Market and search "Tuya Smart life" to download the App. You can also click the link based on your smartphone type below to download it.

Material:Tuya Zigbee resident lock*1, Wireless Zigbee gateway*1.

Tuya smart lock app

download Tuya Smart Life(IOS: This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch.)

to add a new wireless Zigbee gateway

add zigbee device
  • =>Remember to toggle bluetooth function on smartphone firstly(important!);
  • =>Run "Tuya Smart Life" App;
  • =>Tap "Try now";
  • =>Power on the wireles Zigbee gateway by plug in USB cable into PC or any DC5V power supply;
  • =>Tap the "+" button on the top right;
2-select wireless gateway Zigbee
  • =>Tap "Gateway control";
  • =>Tap "Wireless gateway(Zigbee)";
3-input wifi SSID and password

(3)Input wifi information

  • =>Input WiFi SSID that is currently adopted by your smart phone;
  • =>Input WiFi password (it is used to let Zigbee gateway connect to the internet);
  • =>Tap "next" button;
4-confirm indicator red blinking.jpg

(4)Check indicator

  • =>Choose EZ mode;
  • =>Confirm the LED indicator status of wireless Zigbee gateway is blue light solid blue, red light blinking rapidly;
  • =>If the LED indicator does not show like this, please reset the gateway and repower it;
  • =>Tap "next" button;
46-adding device

(5)Adding device

  • =>Wait for around 1 to 2 minutes until adding gateway device successfully;
retry to add zigbee gateway

(6)Retry to add Zigbee gateway

  • =>After 2 minutes, if the App cannot add Zigbee gateway, please check whether your current WiFi hotspot can access the internet normally. If not, please fix current WiFi hotspot / AP network connectivity firstly making sure its workable normally. Then press the reset button of Zigbee gateway for 5 seconds and wait for its restart.
  • =>Tap "retry" button to add zigbee gateway again;
succeed adding Zigbee gateway

(7)Adding Zigbee gateway success

  • =>If Zigbee wireles gateway is added succcessfully, a new device icon will be shown on the screen;

to add a new wireless Zigbee lock

add new zigbee lock

(1)Add a Zigbee lock

  • =>Tap the "+" button on the top right;
9-select security zigbee lock

(2)Choose Zigbee lock

  • =>Tap icon "security & video...";
  • =>Tap icon "Lock(Zigbee)";
10-choose lock-zigbee

(3)Tap confirm to add zigbee lock

  • =>Input "confirm" button ;
pair the electronic lock with zigbee gateway

(4-1)pair the lock with zigbee gateway

  • =>tick the radio button and check if the red LED indicator of zigbee gateway is blinking rapidly;
  • =>tap "next" button;

(4-2)Set the lock to network pairing mode

unlock panel enter into lock setting mode press 3 to enter into lock setting mode press 4 to enter network setting network pairing mode
  • =>go to the zigbee door lock;
  • =>unlock the lock panel by pressing random code on the keypad;If there is admin's fingerprint record in the lock, please touch the fingerprint sensor with admin's recorded finger;
  • =>press "#" key for 6 seconds to enter into mode setting;
  • =>press "3" key to select "mode";
  • =>press "4" key to select "net set";
  • =>network pairing mode is effected and the LCD screen will show "net connect...";
adding lock device

(5)Adding lock device

  • =>Wait for around 1 to 2 minutes until bind zigbee lock device to zigbee gateway;
add zigbee lock succeed

(6)Added Zigbee lock successfully

  • =>After 1-2 minutes, if the Zigbee lock(model X33/X330, X1 and X8 support this function) binds to Zigbee gateway successfully, there will be an icon of Zigbee lock shown on screen named "Basic WFZIG Panel";

to remotely open a ZigBee lock by App

  • =>Tap lock icon;
  • =>Tap the "setting" button on the bottom right;
choose option3

(2)Choose option 3

  • =>choose option 3:"available for administrator only (password is required)"

(3)Choose no password required

  • =>scroll the option list to select "no password is required";

(4)Remotely open lock

  • =>Return to the lock icon screen and tap the lock icon for remote open;
  • =>If the lock is opened remotely successfully, you will hear the motor voice and sound prompt from the lock meanwhile there is a hint on the screen of App.

to add temporary password for friends,housemaids,babysitters and etc

lock setting

(1)Lock setting

  • =>Tap lock icon;
  • =>Tap the "setting" button on the bottom right;
setting temp psw

(2)Set temporary password-1

  • =>Tap "temporary PW";
fill in psw

(3)Set temporary password-2

  • =>Fill in the name of temporary password, for example "123654";
  • =>Fill in the name of key;
  • =>Select effective time of password;
  • =>Select invalid time of password;
  • =>Fill in contact number if the telephone number is registered in Tuya APP(optional, not necessary);
  • =>Tap "Done" button on top right of screen;
temp psw transfer to lock

(4)Temporary password in effect

  • =>After a few seconds, you will hear one beep from the door lock.It means the new temporary password is transfered to the lock successfully;
  • =>Guest/babysitter/housemaid can input the new temporary password "123654" then press "#" on keypad to unlock the lock;
freeze or delete psw

(5)to freeze/delete the temporary password

  • =>You can also freeze or delete the temporary password as you wish;
  • =>After a few seconds, you will hear a beep from the door lock. It means the temporary password becomes invalid.The guest or babysitter can't unlock the door with previous password;

operation video of Tuya apartment office door lock(Zigbee version)

Tuya smart lock user manual(PDF format)